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Your Stuff is God’s Stuff by Pastor Ed Young

March 21st, 2012

The first words God ever said to human beings were all about management. Check your Bibles—Genesis 1:28. God told Adam and Eve to manage his garden.

And that should put to rest the age old debate concerning what is the oldest profession.  It’s landscaping! Because God told Adam and Eve, “Take care of the garden.  Manage it. It’s not yours. I made it,” God said, “just take of it. Manage it.”

Some people, though, in fact a large block of us, don’t live in the zone.  A lot of people live in the land of “ing”. In the land of ing, in the land of ing, in the land of ing.

Do you live in the land of ing?  Are you zoned out instead of being zoned in? If you live in the land of ing you’re into own-ing, earn-ing, cloth-ing, hous-ing, bling-bling, ca-ching, ca-ching!  You think you’re stuff is your stuff.  But your stuff isn’t your stuff! Your stuff is God’s stuff.  You might think it’s your stuff, but it’s God’s.

God wants to move those who live in the land of ing into the zone. God wants to put his bless on your ing.  He wants to put his super on your natural.  God does.

Last time I said something that was kind of scary. People around the community have been asking me about this the entire week. I said 79% of the people at Fellowship Church who show up for the four services are living in the land of ing.  Then I said, this is pretty bold now, 21% live in the zone. 79% zoned out, 21% zoned in.  I’ve got the hard data to prove it. We’ll talk about that in a little while.

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